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Romania and Bulgaria

Before starting this blog I had been to 22 countries. Since then I’ve been to Scotland, somewhere I really should have been before given how close it is, and Bulgaria and Romania in the last month. The Writer and I flew into Sofia, a place I’ve always wanted to go ever since reading the Historian, … Continue reading


The main reason I haven’t ever been to a festival is because when I got to the age that I might go to one I bought my Mum a book for Christmas by A. A. Gill and among his many witty chapters it was this one, about Glastonbury, that really put me off. I can … Continue reading

How many left to go?

This time just over a year ago I decided to set myself twenty five challenges to complete before I reached my 25th birthday. With less than 6 months to go until I’m 25 I thought it was about time to take stock of all the things I’ve done so far. And it’s a chance for … Continue reading

Food fit for the Queen

Vegetarian cookbook of the week This week I’ve been cooking with Denis Cotter’s For the Love of Food. A brilliant book which I’ve had since Christmas, a helpful gift from the Writer. Cotter hails from Ireland and his restaurant, Cafe Paradiso in Cork, has been dubbed the best vegetarian restaurant in Europe. Cotter’s recipes are … Continue reading

4,409 feet (1,344m)

Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain at 4,409 feet, conquered through blinding snow in just under 7 hours. Probably the most exciting part of my Ben Nevis adventure was the train ride there. Odd I know, but for those who have had the pleasure of taking the London – Fort William sleeper train you’ll … Continue reading

Veg everyday

Vegetarianism is one of those things that everyone has an opinion about. It’s a surefire conversation starter at any dinner table, it can be the start of something informative, enlightening, heated, tense, fueled and passionate. Those who are vegetarian are often vegetarian for strong moral reasons, meat-eaters often find this difficult to accept although they … Continue reading

4 hours 6 minutes 53 seconds

Running a marathon is one of those things I’m really glad I’ve done but will probably never do again. While others talk of the sheer elation and sense of achievement at conquering the 26 miles and 386 yards I felt nothing but an enormous sense of relief at crossing the line, swiftly followed by an … Continue reading

Marathon countdown: 5 days to go

Five days to go and today was the Marathon Expo and Pasta Party. Held at the Excel centre the expo is essentially a massive trade fair with a load of freebies floating around. I managed to snaffle a few good things, largely fold out maps of the route, large signs to write motivational messages on … Continue reading

Marathon countdown: 6 days to go

With only six days to go I’m feeling nervous. No forget that, I’m feeling sick. It’s not just about running 26.2 miles, that’s the easy part (haha), it’s all the logistics that come with one of the world’s biggest marathon events. Just trying to organise where to see friends and family along the route is … Continue reading


We all have our favourite Bond. Before I proceed to tell you about Moonraker let me tell you that Roger Moore is not mine. I will never understand why such a sleazy misogynistic characterisation of the man who, played by others comes across as genial, charming and moral, rates as a huge number of people’s … Continue reading